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everyone needs a thinking spot.

This is my thinking spot.

It’s a neat one and since moving houses just a wee bit ago, I’ve seen it covered in so many different elements already. If you told me I could choose one thing that I’ve been taught this semester to hold onto for the rest of my life, it would be about the importance of a thinking spot.

I’m very thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn from so many people throughout my life. One person who has impacted me beyond belief is my University program coordinator Ginette Michel. When I first switched into the Health Promotion program, Ginette was not working so I actually met with another faculty member when I was transferring programs at Laurentian - Pat Pickard. Pat was so insightful and wise, stern yet caring, and the fact we got along only further made me feel as if the switch to Health Promotion would be a great fit for me.

Because of how well this first introduction went with the stand-in coordinator Pat, I actually avoided meeting Ginette, my true program coordinator for a very long amount of time (managed to wait until February/March of that first year to meet and talk to her). I was so anxious and nervous at the thought of having to meet another professor I just tried to avoid it. Alas, figuring out credits and when I would graduate was on my mind and required some conversations with someone a bit more well-versed in those specifics.

What began as nervous chatter quickly turned into storytelling of hopes, passions and dreams - only to be met with support and a boost with what felt like an army below. With her support and love I have gained so much confidence in who I am and desire to be as a human. Repeatedly, I find Ginette being one of the people who I most easily open up to about my BIGGEST life goals or plans. When I first shared with her my life as a musician and student, and first shared my music I did not anticipate the support that I received from her. It’s a funny story I remember to this day, her saying “sure the Kinesiology Cert is great, but your music, now that’s really something". It was one of those moments I really felt like my music was a tangible future in front of me.

To this day, Ginette continues to be one of my biggest supporters in music and life - helping to show me the value in every day and every opportunity that comes your way. During the fall 2020 semester, Ginette really tried to teach us the importance of having a special spot to think, or dream, or write, or do whatever it is that we needed to do in that spot. For me it happens to be all of those things. Learning to allow my imagination run wild is what the freedom of this thinking spot did for me.

So tonight, on the eve of my Album Release Eve, I am sending thanks to the world for helping me in finding comfort and finding this beautiful thinking spot.

…oh also for the fact my CDs showed up in my driveway this afternoon!!! can't wait for my music to be shared with the world in a short amount of time. peace and love. xo.

- chh

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